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272 Pages
Publication date: August 2022
Imprint: Servus
Miriam Wiegele

Natural Knowledge

The Secrets of Medicinal Plants and Elements

Learning from Mother Earth

How ancient knowledge from nature can make people feel better and more satisfied.

For generations, customs, recipes, rituals, and stories have been cultivated and passed down in the Alpine region, carrying the secrets of nature and revealing how man can make use of them.

Medicinal plants and herbs are only a part of it—because nature’s versatile treasures are not only found on fields, forest floors, and meadows. Their power is present in all the elements and surrounds us everywhere.

The popular »Natural Knowledge« series in Servus in Stadt und Land presents tried and tested cures and household remedies and gathers informative, helpful, and curious facts from Mother Nature’s textbook: how animals predict the weather, why stars have an influence on the vigor of humans and plants and what can be used to heal even a broken heart.



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Miriam Wiegele

Miriam Wiegele studied medicine, pharmacognosy, botany and ethnology and is an expert on alternative healing methods. She has been conducting seminars, producing segments for radio and television, and writing articles and books on these topics for many years. She also employs her knowledge of the therapeutic effect of plants in concepts for medicinal products.