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272 Pages
Publication date: October 2022
Imprint: Servus
Joesi Prokopetz

The Devil’s Cross

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The Devil is Calling …

… and he will get the ones that he has called sooner or later. Father Mano Urian knows this all too well—after all, he is familiar with the forces operating between heaven and hell.

Since the demise of the village priest, things have been very strange in Ursprung, a community of sixty-nine souls in the Dunkelsteiner Forest. It’s not just the burning barns and howling wolves that are shaking up the well-guarded uniformity of the rural life. Some are convinced that the devil himself is at work here. And what’s more, Mano Urian, the new priest, has a strange understanding of the salvation of his flock. Thus, duty, morality and tradition deteriorate relentlessly—while new temptations appear on every corner. With razor-sharp irony, the iconic cabaret artist Joesi Prokopetz traces human abysses, putting time-honored values and traditions to the test in a delightfully offbeat way.

A wickedly good crime novel by one of Austria’s most popular cabaret artists—sharp, witty and full of black humor.

»Gripping, morbidly diabolic, skillfully crafted. Worth a read.«
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

»Prokopetz’ first novel is a modern fairy tale full of wicked wit and clever allusions.«

»A devilishly good crime novel by one of Austria’s most popular cabaret artists—trenchant, astute and full of black humor.«
Kleine Zeitung

»Well, and who is he then, the new servant of God? Is (…) his presence a blessing or a curse? You‘ll get to explore this in the amazing new crime novel by Joesi Prokopetz.«
Radio Kärnten „Guten Morgen Kärnten“

»Prokopetz exposes human weaknesses and abysses with amusingly tart irony. It should be explicitly stated here that his first crime novel is an absolute pleasure to read, not just for lovers of the genre.«
Zur Zeit

»With a keen sense for the nuances of human abysses and delightful black humor, he quickly makes readers doubt how idyllic village life in Lower Austria truly is.«
Unsere Generation

»Evil, funny—and terrifyingly real.«
Die Presse



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Joesi Prokopetz

Joesi Prokopetz, born in Vienna in 1952, is a singer-songwriter, author, and cabaret artist. As the songwriter he has shaped Austro-Pop like hardly anyone else. Beyond that, he is a successful solo cabaret artist and actor. THE DEVIL’S CROSS is his first crime novel.