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208 Pages
Publication date: May 2022
Imprint: Servus
Maximilian Moser

Child of the Forest

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Children Need More Nature!

The smell of wet leaves, touching moss, discovering the countless little inhabitants of the forest—experiencing nature in the forest shapes our children’s senses and gives them self-confidence.

Deeply rooted in the earth like a magnificent tree—and reaching towards the sky at the same time. Who wouldn’t want this image for their child? Drawing on astonishing facts and recent scientific studies, Maximilian Moser proves that it is not only fun for children to walk in the uneven, rooted forest, but that it trains their balance and forms new synapses and neural pathways in the brain. Exercise in nature can alleviate the effects of ADHD, and essential oils from conifers prevent inflammation and help fight asthma. Not only are the senses stimulated, but the imagination is inspired as well: Magical trees and fairy gardens—the mysterious was and is a special attraction, even for adults.

With ideas and suggestions for what families can do together in the forest and how to create rock and moss gardens at home.

»”Waldeskind” is a book of discovery for the whole family – the forest becomes a magical kingdom and a fairy garden full of surprises.«
Kleine Zeitung

»The book offers many ideas and suggestions for what families can do together in the forest.«

»In addition to amazing insights, Moser also provides suggestions for family adventures together in the forest or instructions for creative gardening ideas.«
Kulmacher Land

»The social aspects that he brings into the book are also enlightening.«
Kurier Grüne Welt

»The focus of the book is on the added value that children in particular get from sending their senses on a discovery tour in the forest.«


Maximilian Moser

Dr. Maximilian Moser, PhD, was born in 1956. He studied Biology and Medicine at the University of Graz. Moser has made significant contributions to studies that scientifically proved the positive effect of the Swiss pine wood on our body for the first time. The father of five is a professor at the Medical University of Graz and heads the Human Research Institute for Health Technology and Preventive Research.