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Publication date: October 2018
Heike Nikolaus Florian Wagner

Until You Get To The End, Then Turn Left

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth

When people didn’t know yet that the earth couldn’t have an end, the idea, the myth, and also the fear of the end of the earth arose in their minds. The myth outlasted the realization of the spherical nature of the earth. Photographer Florian Wagner and author Heike Nikolaus have visited places that carry »the end of the earth« in their name. Five journeys to Norway, France, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the USA.

There are places on this earth in which the images, ideas, and fears of the people of years and centuries past are still visible. Because there are buildings or other stone witnesses that remind us of them, or because the people in these places follow a certain lifestyle. They can be seen on buildings, on monuments, on artifacts of all kinds. Heike Nikolaus and Florian Wagner set out to visit those places, to examine the silent witnesses of the ends of the earth, to interview the living. On their travels, they meet fishermen in the Bretagne, monks in Sri Lanka, the Amish in the USA. They all live in places where the end of the earth was once divined, where secrets waft like mist behind the words, where the spirit of the centuries drifts through lighthouses and the former outposts of the world that was once known.


Heike Nikolaus

Heike Nikolaus, born in 1963, is an author and director of TV documentaries for the TV stations ARD, ZDF, and arte. Her focus is on portraits of countries and people across the globe, as well as historical topics.