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184 Pages
Publication date: October 2022
Imprint: Bergwelten
Harald Nachförg


A Summiteer Gone Astray

Every Step a Misstep

With his eyes always on the summit, Harald Nachförg often stumbles on his way to get there. Back at his desk, he writes about the challenges and aches and pains of a passionate hiker.

»I tread quite lightly, but my feet are slightly tilted outward. You can easily get caught when you hold your hiking pole close to your body. And if your hand is caught in the loop as well, you’re soon spinning around the pole like a go-go girl.«

Whether he is getting tangled in his trekking poles, experiencing a sudden onset of mountain fever while resting on a bench, or getting stuck in snowshoes and has to be dug out with shovels: When Harald Nachförg talks about his experiences on the mountain, there is not a dry eye in sight. Hilarious and a great pleasure to read.


Harald Nachförg

Harald Nachförg, born in Vienna in 1961, is a columnist, author, and passionate hiker with a slight penchant for missteps. His column »Abwärts mit Nachförg« (»Downward with Nachförg«) has been published in Bergwelten regularly since 2015. In it, he talks about the things he stumbles across on his path to the top with a lot of humor and joy.