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248 Pages
Publication date: May 2023
Imprint: ecoWing
Andreas Breitfeld Stefan Wagner

From Now On: Biohacking!

Your Quickstart to a Better, Longer, Healthier Life

Biohacking—the path to your best self

Biohacking means optimizing your lifestyle in order to lead a happy, healthy and long life. Germany’s leading biohacker Andreas Breitfeld and author Stefan Wagner share their most effective tips and tricks.

A few years ago, Andreas Breitfeld stood before the ruins of his life: he found himself in a deep existential crisis and faced with health problems. With the help of biohacking, he turned his life around completely within a few months. In this book, he reveals what we can learn from his spectacular turnaround in order to become more efficient and balanced. His story is accompanied by Stefan Wagner’s self-ironic biohacking columns published in »Carpe Diem« magazine.



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Andreas Breitfeld

Andreas Breitfeld, born in Munich in 1973, is Germany’s leading biohacker. The former entrepreneur runs a biohacking lab in Munich and coaches people who wish to improve their lives.

Stefan Wagner

Stefan Wagner, born in Vienna in 1968, works as an author and advertiser. He uses biohacking to optimize his health and performance.