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264 Pages
Publication date: February 2020
Imprint: ecoWing
Martin Apolin

Celestial Bodies

Our body comes from dust, namely stardust, and it becomes dust again after death. Life in between is a miracle of the universe. Because the building blocks of our body come from the cosmos, we literally have a »celestial body«.

But how did these building blocks come into being in the first place? And how does a huge heap of atoms manage to walk, see, hear, speak and think? Everything in your body–even your life itself–is pure physics on the lowest level!
In CELESTIAL BODIES, Martin Apolin shows in an entertaining and understandable way which building blocks our body consists of and what »cosmological preparation« it took to create these building blocks in the first place. The book explains how much physics is actually in our body and why nothing can escape the natural laws of the universe–not even the human body.


»The book is a journey to the outermost borders of human understanding.«
P.M. Magazin

»The natural scientist encapsulates the whole thing in perfectly readable sentences full of irony and unbeatable logic, with a twinkle in his eye.«



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Martin Apolin

Martin Apolin was born in Vienna in 1965. With a PhD in Physics and as a sports scientist, he knows that everything in this universe is subject to the laws of physics – and he also knows how to get to the bottom of these boundaries. When he is not debunking diet myths, he teaches at a Viennese high school and at the Department of Physics at the University of Vienna.