The World`s Best Paper Planes

Erscheinungstermin: 02.04.2015
Record breaking paper airplanes for the world champions of tomorrow *The goal is to fly, not to land!* This book takes the reader right to the core of this fascinating sport. In it he meets the champions of the Red Bull Paper Wings Finals and can share their passion. Anyone who is interested in paper airplane sports will find everything they need. The Paper Airplane Book sums up the most important and interesting facts clearly, succinctly and to the point. 10 of the most important record breaking paper planes are presented to the champions of tomorrow. (amongst record planes by John Collins, Ken Blackburn and Takuo Today). Additionally all the relevant facts about pro paper airplanes: the most suitable paper, the main folding techniques, the physical laws one needs to know, the techniques for the perfect thrust and the importance of the prevailing climatic conditions for the flight, also crucial tips for ideal training. Special paper The book provides building instructions for the models presented, together with paper enclosed for folding. The paper provided is also the paper of the future unofficial championships. The reader gets a feel for the material recommended, can immediately get down to folding and is provided with spare sheets for failed attempts. The authors are pros We let the top experts have their say: Among others, physicists Martin Apolin and Martin Gruber, illustrates the laws of physics, which must be understood in order to become a champion and explains the best ways to train. Fitness pros Kerrie Gregson offers valuable tips to increase your performance. With this book the reader has all the crucial facts he needs in hand, - for both beginners and advanced. Absolutely ideal for active and passive persons, the perfect book for father, for son, indeed for the whole family. Plus facts regarding the Red Bull Paper Wings About the idea, The Disciplines. (Longest Distance, Longest Airtime and Aerobatics), Participants’ stats (numbers, origin, performances). Specials. Highlights. Anecdotes. Original quotes. In short: Other competitions (World Record TU Braunschweig biggest paper airplane: 18.21m wingspan).


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Tobias Friedrich

Tobias Friedrich, geboren 1981 in Wiesbaden, ist Fotograf und Abenteurer. Der Ozean ist seine große Leidenschaft. Seine aufsehenerregenden Bilder brachten ihm den Titel »Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018« ein und werden in der »Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung«, »Spiegel«, »Stern« und im »Terra Mater Magazin« veröffentlicht.

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