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344 Pages
Publication date: March 2015
Imprint: ecoWing
Mandy Fischer Martin Apolin

Physics For Real Men

Charging your phone without a socket? Dusting indoor plants with a boomerang? Making ice cubes that glow in the dark? How do you determine direction if you don’t have a smartphone or a compass at hand?

There are a few MacGyver-methods for which you only need a few supplies, and which are also of a physical interest on top of that – just look over Martin Apolin’s shoulder! Entertaining and scientifically sound, Martin Apolin presents physical life hacks.


Martin Apolin

Martin Apolin was born in Vienna in 1965. With a PhD in Physics and as a sports scientist, he knows that everything in this universe is subject to the laws of physics – and he also knows how to get to the bottom of these boundaries. When he is not debunking diet myths, he teaches at a Viennese high school and at the Department of Physics at the University of Vienna.