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208 Pages
Publication date: December 2023
Imprint: ecoWing
Lisa Kaltenegger


My Search for Life in Space

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In search of a second Earth

Did you know that there are billions of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy? Lisa Kaltenegger goes in search of the so-called exoplanets and explains under which circumstances extraterrestrial life is possible.

Science is closer than ever to solving the mystery of life in space.
In this revised and expanded new edition of her 2015 bestseller, renowned astrophysicist and astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger provides an insight into the latest research and takes us on a voyage of discovery through the Milky Way. She presents basic physical knowledge in an entertaining way and explains what is important in the search for life in the universe. Humorous illustrations also introduce the reader to phenomena such as super-earths, rocky planets and habitable zones.

»In a galaxy with 300 billion stars, there are surely untold billions of other planets out there. Is anyone home on any of them? Few astronomers are approaching that question as creatively as Lisa Kaltenegger«
TIME Magazine

»Kaltenegger’s style of writing is uncomplicated yet extremely vivid, making the mysteries of the universe accessible to everyone.«

»A very readable book with witty illustrations.«



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Lisa Kaltenegger

Prof. Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger, born in 1977 near Salzburg, Austria, is an internationally sought-after astrophysicist and astronomer who conducts research on life-friendly planets. After working at ESA, Harvard University and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, she is now director of the Carl Sagan Institute and professor at Cornell University. She was named »an innovator to watch« by TIME, »a Role Model for Women in Science and Research« by the European Commission, and »one of  America’s Young Innovators« by Smithsonian Magazine.