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312 Pages
Publication date: September 2022
Imprint: ecoWing
Paul Lendvai

The Many Trials of Austria

A Critical Report on the Turn of Eras

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How Austria Became What it is Today

Paul Lendvai, grand seigneur of journalism, examines Austria’s development since World War II. His focus is on the critical analysis of those personalities who shaped the weal and woe of the country.

Paul Lendvai knows them all, the greats of politics. In The Many Trials of Austria, he draws direct lines from contemporary history to the present. In doing so, he makes clear how politics is shaped by charismatic personalities, how anti-Semitic and xenophobic resentment appear in Austria, and why people succumb to political seducers time and again. His analyses are clear and razor-sharp, the way Lendvai’s audience has always known and appreciated them, and at the same time they are shaped by a deep love for this country.


Paul Lendvai

Paul Lendvai, born in Budapest in 1929, has lived in Vienna since 1957. He is editor-in-chief of the magazine Europäische Rundschau, head of the ORF’s Europe studio, and author of 17 successful works of nonfiction that have been translated into ten languages. His works have received numerous prizes, among them the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold of the Republic of Austria. In December 2018, he was awarded the European Book Prize.