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256 Pages
Publication date: June 2023
Imprint: Servus
Margit Brauneder Karin Buchart Michael Brauer


Canning, Fermenting and Curing with Natural Means

Treats for the pantry

Everyday methods for preserving food such as fermenting, canning, pickling, salting and drying fruits, vegetables and herbs: well preserved, jar by jar.

Cabbage and beets, ripe tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries: If you ferment or can today, you can enjoy kimchi made from regional Chinese cabbage or rose syrup from your own garden even in winter. The authors of this book show many time-honored and resource-saving kitchen techniques for preserving food in a sustainable, healthy and digestion-friendly way.

Traditional and new recipes with positive health effects are presented in simple instructions: fermenting vegetables and fruits, nuts, kombucha and kefir, canning jams, jellies and chutneys, salting, pickling and preparing various syrups and vinegar drinks. To make the taste of ripe fruits and vegetables last, to enjoy yourself or give away.

»Just don’t get the idea that all this is a bit old-fashioned and out of date. On the contrary. Resource-saving storage without electricity is becoming more and more important.«

»In this book, they show how to corn, can, boild down and preserve food using time-tested techniques and great recipes.«
Pfaffenhofener Kurier

»The authors are experts in all things preserving and share interesting facts, practical tips and recipes. Be it homemade soup seasoning, pickled gherkins or even kimchi and kombucha: Make your summer last longer!«

»In the book, which is also visually appealing with many insider tips, you will find both classic recipes and smart new ideas.«
Kutter und Küste

»A treasure trove of classic and new recipes.«

»A worthwhile book that encourages healthy eating and preserving food in a healthy and natural way.«

»Get the taste of summer in your larder, jar by jar!«

»Superfood from grandma’s time: The booster for health, climate and pantry.«
Szene Magazin



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Margit Brauneder

Margit Brauneder was chairwoman for nutrition and food management at the HBLW Saalfelden and is a graduate of the university course Gastrosophical Sciences in Salzburg.

Karin Buchart

Karin Buchart studied nutritional sciences, her doctoral thesis on biogenic medicines is the foundation for the TEH Academy. A lecturer at the Center for Gastrosophy at the University of Salzburg, she is the co-founder of the European Institute for Applied Herbal Medicine, the author of several books, a columnist and conducts numerous seminars and workshops on herbology, nutrition and health.