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336 Pages
Publication date: March 2023
Imprint: Servus
Lukas Nagl Tobias Müller Helge Kirchberger

The Fisherman and the Chef

The new standard work on local fish

The country’s most expert chef for fish shows how great the wealth of fish in the Alpine region is and how we can enjoy this unique culinary treasure sustainably.

Austria is a paradise for those who love fish! More than 50 different domestic fish species were once sold at the fish markets in Vienna and Linz—from classics like pikeperch and whitefishes to rare modern delicacies like burbot, European crayfish, or grayling.

Lukas Nagl, Austria’s most skilled chef in preparing freshwater fish, passes on all his knowledge on cooking fish in a way that helps even amateur cooks: basic knowledge about the different species, professional tips on how to achieve crispy skin and recipes suitable for everyday use. Fishermen from all over Austria, including the last professional Danube fisherman, show how fish can be caught sustainably and how fishing is still done in accordance with ancient traditions and with modern techniques.

»Lukas Nagl has created a standard work for our native fish cuisine. From brown trout to zander. Extensive, comprehensible, delicious.«
OÖ Nachrichten Wochenende

»With their creative and imaginative preparation, fish dishes are one of the highlights of every kitchen. Lukas Nagl is aware of this too and shares his knowledge about domestic fish species, fishing techniques and the basics of preparing fish in this lovingly illustrated cookbook.«

»The lavishly designed work illustrated with high-quality photographs in a premium, beautiful outfit is an homage to cooking with fish and surprises with creative and imaginative recipes (…). For everyone who loves fish and especially regional and sustainable ways of cooking with fish at the highest level!«

»Lukas Nagl, Austria’s premier chef specialized in working with freshwater fish shares all his knowledge about the preparation of fish for amateur chefs in his new book The Fisherman and the Chef: basic knowledge on the species of fish, expert tips for crispy fish skin and recipes for every day use.«

»In his beautifully designed and photographed cookbook, the Cook of the Year 2023 gives extensive insight into the basics of cooking with fish, talks about the history of fishing and lets us discover how sustainable and regional his exceptional recipes are.«

»The recipes are a true treasure trove of regional and traditional fish recipes with a few special excursions into foreign worlds of flavor.«

»A cookbook on fish that is commendable not just for its great recipes.«
Traunsteiner Tagblatt

»There are probably few chefs who understand as much about freshwater fish as he does. This is evident from reading his cookbook The Fisherman and the Chef, which has just been published and which—it must be said this effusively—has turned out remarkably well.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Lukas Nagl, one of Austria’s best fish cooks, shows how great the wealth of species of fish in the Alpine region is and how we can enjoy this culinary treasure sustainably.«
Cirque Gourmet

»Next to technical basics and alongside wonderful illustrations, you will find everything a fish lover’s heart desires.«
Mitgliederzeitschrift „Hummer“

»Now he lets us share in his culinary knowledge in his wonderfully designed illustrated cookbook The Fisherman and the Chef
Kronen Zeitung

»The list of recipes is diverse, regional, seasonal but most of all open to variation and should receive a great response from those who love native fish.«

»Freshwater fish standard book«
Cournal Culinaire

»Austria’s best fish cooks re-think carp, zander & co. In a completely new way. You can truly learn a thing or two from their skills.«
Dpa online Meldung

»The best fish chef in the country shows how great the fish wealth of the Alpine region is and how we can enjoy this unique culinary treasure sustainably.«
Grüner Spiegel


Lukas Nagl

Lukas Nagl has been the head chef at the Bootshaus on Lake Traunsee for more than ten years and is one of Austria’s most highly decorated chefs; Gault&Millau named him »Chef of the Year 2023«. No one knows and prepares the abundance of fish in the Salzkammergut as well as he does.