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Publication date: October 2022
Imprint: Servus
Christoph Frühwirth Johanna Paungger Thomas Poppe

The Moon and Us

A Year in the Rhythm of Nature

In the Rhythm of the Moon

Of all celestial bodies, the moon is the closest to the earth, every night it shows us a different face and fascinates us with its miraculous effect on humans and nature.

May, the »moon of pasture«, July, the »moon of haying«, August, the »moon of harvest«: The traditional German names of the months reveal the importance of the moon in the agricultural year. When is the best time to cut wood, wash clothes or sow seeds? The phases of the moon and its position in the zodiac have always been regarded as guidelines in everyday matters.

Christoph Frühwirth sets out on a search for this ancient knowledge, which is still put into practice in many places today. He meets people for whom the moon has become a compass for physical and spiritual wellbeing, and writes about gardeners, sawmillers, vintners, and healers who align their work with the course of the moon.

A book that describes the time-honored practices of craftsmen and -women under the influence of the moon, the traditional knowledge of our ancestors, and life in harmony with nature.

»A book that talks about tried and tested practices under the banner of the moon, about our ancestors‘ knowledge steeped in tradition and about a life lived in harmony with nature.«
Schaufenster Kultur.Region

»It is the knowledge acquired over generations that helps us use the power of the moon in everyday life.«
Schwäbische nachrichten

»A good introductory work for all those who want to learn more about their ancestors’ tradition-steeped knowledge.«

»Contains practical tips for your home and garden as well as a lunar calendar.«
Die Landwirtschaft

»Beautifully presented, with a large poster and a lunar calendar for the next six years, this book is engaging, at the very least it encourages you to observe in your own life and environment in the lunar year.«

»Christoph Frühwirth brings the knowledge of the moon and its impact, which has a rich tradition, back to the present.«
Osttiroler Bote



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Christoph Frühwirth

Christoph Frühwirth sees himself as a traditional craftsman: he always works with his hands, whether it’s for the theater, film, or for magazines. As a playwright, he has created one of the biggest national successes of recent years: the »Blunzenkönig«. The theme of his life is »the country and its people«.