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376 Pages
Publication date: September 2022
Imprint: Servus
Felix Leibrock

Murder at the Kehlsteinhaus

Volume 2 of the successful crime series set in the Berchtesgaden Alps

Signs of a struggle on the Kehlstein lift, a dead climber not far from the crime scene and a missing businessman. Good thing that Inspector Simon Perlinger gets to the bottom of the matter right away.

On a hazy autumn morning, a gruesome sight presents itself in the elevator of the historic Kehlsteinhaus: the gleaming gold cabin is covered in blood. Inspector Simon Perlinger is on the scene immediately. Soon it becomes clear that the blood is that of Golo Gruber, one of the three owners of Gruber Milch AG. What happened in the middle of the night in the Kehlstein lift? Was there a fight or even a murder? But then where is Golo’s body? A short while later, the missing man’s brother falls to his death while climbing, and Simon realizes that this can’t have been a coincidence. Before he knows it, Simon is caught up in a tricky case that brings to light many an abysmal secret in the pristine mountain world of Berchtesgaden.

»A solid, entertaining thriller.«
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Felix Leibrock

Felix Leibrock, born in 1960, is a successful crime writer. As a chaplain for the Bavarian riot police, he is familiar with most human abysses. Reason enough for the mountain-loving author to make his favorite peaks in the Berchtesgaden Alps the backdrop for murder and manslaughter.