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176 Pages
Publication date: April 2023
Imprint: Servus
Sophie Winkler

Exercise and Wild Herbs

Natural Recipes & Treatments for Revitalization & Regeneration

Active & wild

They give us strength, provide first aid and fight sore muscles: Wild herbs contain valuable vital substances that strengthen the body and make it fit for exercise.

Whether it’s running, hiking or mountain biking: More and more people are drawn to the outdoors to consciously enjoy sporting activities in nature. If you keep a watchful eye on the flora, you will discover many a medicinal herb along the way that helps support the body and replenishes your energy reserves.

A smoothie made from dandelion and chickweed ensures a sufficient supply of nutrients before exercise, a muesli bar with nettle seeds provides fuel on the go, and ointments made from comfrey or mugwort help tired muscles regenerate quickly after exertion: Nutritious recipes and beneficial treatments allow athletes and active people to dive deeper into the world of wild herbs and thus combine a balanced diet, exercise and the experience of nature for holistic health.

A true asset to all sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

»Including recipes with zing«

»It is a pleasure to leaf through this book and read it. It encourages us to collect herbs and try out the recipes ourselves.«

»With a wealth of background knowledge this book lets us delve deeper into the world of wild herbs.«
Salzburger Bauer

»This opulently illustrated volume invites all active athletes but also everyone else active in nature to learn more about wild herbs and to use them in your diet and in various other applications! A valuable guidebook for a lifestyle that is mindful of nature!«

»A true asset to all lovers of sport and nature.«
Die Landwirtschaft

»Not only is knowledge about recognizing and processing wild herbs imparted, but also what substances they contain and how they act in the body.«
Kirchenzeitung Diözese Linz


Sophie Winkler

Sophie Winkler works as a certified herbalist and passes on her knowledge of wild nature and herbs on walks and in workshops. On her blog she is constantly sharing new inspiration and tips on wild herbs & Co. As a passionate outdoor sportswoman, she likes to combine the active side with a conscious experience of nature.