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Publication date: October 2019
Isabelle Bacher

In The North

A Journey to the Arctic Circle and Beyond

Northland Symphony

At times one has to wait for months until the sea releases an object and the light flatters its structure in such a way that an extraordinary image can be taken. Isabelle Bacher demonstrates that waiting pays off. In her work she plays with the quality of the lights of the north: daylight, moonlight, northern lights. An extraordinary interplay of light and shadow.

The north: rough living conditions, isolation, unsettled weather, untouched nature, mercilessly chill and wild animals – not the ordinary place of longing.
»Maybe it’s because of my Norwegian mother and the Scandinavian blood in my veins, my sun-sensitive skin or just the fact that sparse landscapes have always fascinated me more than palm trees and beaches. No tropical paradise could ever take it on with my love for the north.«

»Isabelle Bacher has lived in northern Norway […], learned to love the light of the Arctic and managed to capture her bizarre fascination photographically.«
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Isabelle Bacher

Isabelle Bacher was born in 1976 to a Norwegian mother, and since her earliest childhood she has been making regular trips to Norway. After studying architecture in Innsbruck, she worked as an architect in Norway and noticed that the nature beyond the Arctic circle works according to very special blueprints. Just like an architect, it combines light, material, and structure to a coherent whole. To capture this, the architect became a photographer and as such she has been awarded with prizes (Sony World Photo Award) and honored with exhibitions.