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400 Pages
Publication date: September 2021
Imprint: Benevento
Johann Palinkas


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A downed fighter jet over the Baltic Sea that throws the European Union into chaos. Two corrupt power politicians who are playing with fire. And an attempted coup by the Bundeswehr that could destroy Germany forever …

The downing of a military aircraft leads to an altercation between the EU allies. A perfect opportunity for the German chancellor‘s domestic opponents to replace the unloved politician. While the foreign minister enters into a pact with a NATO intelligence agency, the defense minister harnesses the press for his own purposes. But what neither of them suspect: The head of the German armed forces has long since pulled all the strings for a coup d’état to usurp the control centers of power.

A highly suspenseful novel that realistically ponders the future of the political situation in Germany and Europe.

»In this political thriller, Palinkas creates an explosive scenario that might not be as absurd as it should be.«

»A true Pageturner«

»”Coup” is also a successful coup for the author, because he presents a thrilling and credible political thriller with many events and characters, as they are unfortunately also known from reality.«

»Fortunately only fiction!«
Wilhelmshavener Zeitung

»The story has a real pull and sets your own thoughts free.«



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Johann Palinkas

JOHANN PALINKAS, born in 1998, is studying law at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. As a 14-year-old, he was a sensation on the TV show »Germany’s Super Brain« with his ability to recognize 100 poems based on a single line and recite them by heart. His time in voluntary military service with the German armed forces inspired him to write his novel.