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328 Pages
Publication date: October 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Thomas Kiehl

The Young Blood Serum

The Price of Eternal Youth

An unscrupulous pharmaceutical company. A serum that promises carefree aging. And the dangerous desire for eternal youth. At the center of it all: biologist Lena Bondroit, who is put in mortal danger when she analyzes the serum.

Lena Bondroit is invited to a small Swedish island, where a striking number of women are melancholy as well as infertile—could this be a side effect of the rejuvenating agent that was tested on their parents and is now about to be approved? When Lena begins to examine the serum more closely for its epigenetic effects, she gets caught in the crossfire. She realizes too late the dynamics that have been created on the island—because a ban on the life-prolonging preparation would be tantamount to a death sentence for many of the test subjects.

»His science thriller quickly develops an unsettling dynamic.«
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Thomas Kiehl

Thomas Kiehl is an author and jurist. He lives in Cologne with his family. In his thrillers, he likes to use biological phenomena as a starting point for investigations as this gives him interesting and revealing insights into the human psyche and how we live together.