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Publication date: February 2018
Imprint: Benevento
Franz Alt

Love And Peace Are Possible

An Appeal by Jesus to the World

War and terror are dominating our daily political life, large parts of human kind are living in poverty, and the destruction of nature advances relentlessly. Looking for an answer to the question of how we want to shape our future seems to be a more pressing matter than it has ever been before. What would Jesus of Nazareth say today? In a fictional conversation, Franz Alt asks Jesus about the most important subjects of our times. An impressive plea for peace, justice and the conservation of our creation.

Does Jesus, almost 2,000 years after his earthly life, have anything to say to us at all? Considering war and terror, exploitation and discrimination and the destruction of our environment it seems imperative to question him and his message in regard to our current crises. In a fictional dialogue, Franz Alt, one of the most important thinkers and writers of our time, sets out to do exactly that. Stimulating and insistent at the same time, he interviews Jesus on the questions that are going to determine our future: arms race or non-violence, growth at any cost or equal opportunities for everyone, exploitation of our planet or protecting the climate and the environmental. What is presented to us in the end is a modern, topical and powerful Sermon on the Mount which makes it clear that peace, justice, and the conservation of our creation are not only possible, but mandatory.


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Franz Alt

Franz Alt, born in 1938, studied theology in Freiburg and Heidelberg. In his long-term career as a journalist, he has repeatedly made his mark as a critical spirit that questioned current interpretations of environmental and peace policy issues.