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320 Pages
Publication date: August 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Bernhard Kreutner

The Price of Life


Dr. André Keller and Dr. Eva Vekete specialize in organ transplants—or rather: organ theft. They procure organs for their influential clients, all of whom are wealthy and above any moral doubts. Their system works flawlessly—until they commit a blunder and two policemen start to investigate. A bloodcurdling and thrilling crime novel.

No matter whether it’s a heart, a kidney, or a liver—if someone has the financial means, the doctors Keller and Vekete will find a suitable donor, remove the organ, and transplant it into their clients. Within a minimum of time and without leaving any traces—until there is a disastrous mishap at the Vienna Central Cemetery and Michael Lenhart begins investigating. Just like his colleague Sabine Preiss he was transferred to a mysterious task force for special cases as a disciplinary measure. While the two are groping in the dark in the beginning and the murders continue, the individual pieces of the puzzle start coming together in time.

Bernhard Kreutner has written a morbid, explosive, and highly entertaining crime novel showing great sense for his quirky yet charming protagonists and the setting of Vienna as well as very detailed knowledge of the political and medical backgrounds.


Bernhard Kreutner

Bernhard Kreutner, born in 1966, studied Political Sciences and Philosophy and since then has been working as an entrepreneur focusing on marketing and project development. He is the author of numerous novels and non-fiction books and lives in Vienna.