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Publication date: March 2017
Imprint: Benevento
Thomas Hohensee Renate Georgy

Death is Better Than Its Reputation

Dealing Calmly with One‘s Own Mortality

There is a way to break free from worrying about your own life and that of your loved ones. Everyone is at liberty to make up their own mind on whether there is life after death or not. But either way, one thing is for sure, that life before death can be filled with joy, hope and serenity.

It is without a doubt that death has a bad reputation. It is associated with a multitude of negative ideas. But even the end of your life is just a question of perspective. And whoever wants to, can work on this, starting with themselves. Philosophers and saints have always been able to be free of the fear of dying. The Stoics could not be rattled, Socrates was calm when he drank his cup of poison, and Buddha was happy whatever happened. This shows that it is possible to achieve a serene attitude towards the finiteness of life. Unfortunately, so far only a few people know how. But that will change. In more recent times, cognitive therapy has succeeded in translating the timeless wisdom of the philosophers and saints into a language that we can understand.

Thomas Hohensee and Renate Georgy explain how to meet death calmly, and instead to deal with what is really important, life itself.


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Thomas Hohensee

Since 2000 Thomas Hohensee has been one of the most successful non-fiction authors in the German-speaking world. He has published several bestsellers including Serenity Begins in Your Mind and Happy as a Buddha.

Renate Georgy

Renate Georgy started her career as a lawyer and worked successfully for 25 years in her own practice. After that it was time to try something new. Since 2012 Renate Georgy has been an author and coach.