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Publication date: October 2018
Imprint: Benevento
Hans Leister

The Tunnel

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Corinna Abramovicz is on the way to Lugano with her school class when their train makes an unscheduled stop inside the Gotthard Tunnel. Initially, the train staff assumes that a technical malfunction is at fault. But when the power cuts out and the communication system breaks down, being trapped in a dark tunnel soon turns into a nightmare for the 300 passengers. And Cordula Abramovicz knows that the race against time already begun. With The Tunnel, Hans Leister has written a dark, highly gripping thriller that plays with our fear of the fight for sheer survival in a nightmarish and simultaneously fascinating way.

»It was May, it was a Saturday, and everything was as usual. I arrived at Basel Train Station in the afternoon, went to the platform from which the Intercity to Lugano was scheduled to depart. The journey takes you through the Gotthard Tunnel for 35 miles, the longest tunnel in the world. In the evening, we were meant to return to Basel. That was the plan. I never saw Basel Train Station, my family, nor my apartment again.«

In his debut novel, Hans Leister creates a powerful scenario distinguished by his technical refinement and an outstanding sense for his protagonists: 300 passengers in a train, who, locked inside the tunnel system of the Saint-Gotthard Massif and cut off from the outside world, fight for their survival while an apocalyptic catastrophe causes havoc on the outside.


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Hans Leister

Hans Leister, born in 1952, studied industrial engineering. He was part of the management of various railroad companies for many years. Since 2014, he has been working as a consultant. To research his books, he always travels to the original locations. His works are characterized by detailed descriptions of the technology involved, which are cleverly integrated into the storylines. When writing Der Tunnel, he visited the Gotthard Tunnel and for Das U-Boot he travelled to Israel. He also went for a dive in a submarine as part of his research. Hans Leister lives on the outskirts of Berlin.