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416 Pages
Publication date: September 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Thomas Kiehl

The Ant Woman


Lena Bondroit, a renowned ant researcher, witnesses a cold-blooded murder—and therefore becomes the target of an obscure organization. The organization seems to deliberately manipulate and alarm the public. But what is behind it: money, power, greed? Or is it all just a perfidious game?

A journalist is murdered in the heart of Berlin, immediately after he interviewed biologist Lena Bondroit about swarm intelligence and self-governing communities. He was on the trail of a secret organization and dealing with organized manipulation, the control of people, and fear. Crazy conspiracy theory or hard-hitting political intrigue? Lena asks inconvenient questions. And ends up in the line of fire because of it. Soon, she no longer knows whom to trust: Victor Callenberg, who is critical of the state and wants to blow the organization’s cover but seems to be playing a double game? Or her new friend Michael Degenhart, an ambitious politician whose behavior becomes more and more dubious?
A fast-paced thriller on the collusive game of fear. Is it fueled deliberately? And who profits from it? And how can we defend ourselves?


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Thomas Kiehl

Thomas Kiehl is an author and jurist. He lives in Cologne with his family. In his thrillers, he likes to use biological phenomena as a starting point for investigations as this gives him interesting and revealing insights into the human psyche and how we live together.