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288 Pages
Publication date: April 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Tina Breckwoldt

The Whole Truth about Münchhausen & Co.

Canthe lies of the past be compared with today’s fake news? Who is behind the figure of the Liar Baron? Did Münchhausen have other narrators as role models? And is it even possible to write a true biography of Münchausen in the end?

Tina Breckwoldt sets off in search of clues, digs up long lost cultural treasures and collects the most incredible fibs. In this way, a multifaceted story unfolds, not only of the Baron Münchhausen, but of the lie per se. It ranges from Lukian to Erich Kästner to the present day and shows the incredible triumphal procession the Baron has made on his ride on the cannonball across the world.


»One of the best books about the mysterious man. «
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Exceedingly carefully researched, yet written with drive and skillfully drafted. «
Chiemgau Blätter

»Carefully researched and lively written.«

»excellently researched and entertainingly written«


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Tina Breckwoldt

Tina Breckwoldt grew up in Hamburg, in Philadelphia, on an island in the North Sea and in the Black Forest. She studied at the universities of Aixen-Provence, Freiburg, Cambridge, Oxford, and Yale. She currently works as researcher and dramaturg for the Vienna Boys Choir, and has written libretti, film scripts, song texts, stories, dictionary entries, and programme notes for concerts and CDs.