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Publication date: October 2021
Imprint: Benevento
Michael Lemster

The Grimms

A Family and Their Time


Michael Lemster is the first to tell the story of the Grimms – a family that was not always what it claimed to be – in a way that is as entertaining as it is illuminating.

In an impressive manner, Michael Lemster shows that not only Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were masters of their trade. Other, forgotten family members of the Grimms were also great artists. Moreover, he makes clear that the two fairy tale collectors were excellent imposters – with a deep fear of the emerging modern age. He not only presents a fascinating family history, but also sheds new light on one of Germany’s most important cultural assets.

»Lemster succeeds in conveying a sense of the realities and mentalities that gave rise to these collections of fairy tales.«
Die Presse am Sonntag

»The book ‘The Grimms’ fans out the so far the little known biography of the family.«
Westfälischer Anzeiger

»Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm not only only collected and and published fairy tales, they are also part of an interesting family.«

»For the first time, Michael Lemster tells the story of a family that was not always what it claimed to be, in a way that is as entertaining as it is illuminating.«

»Lemster’s excellently done volume “Die Grimms” thus becomes a multi-layered chronicle of a momentous cultural-historical age.«
Badische Neuste Nachrichten

»Enlightening reading full of poetry!«

»Michael Lemster tracked down the family even earlier [before the Brothers Grimm] and brought them to life.«

»… wonderfully narrated, a great pictorial arc about a highly interesting family of thinkers and artists.«
Elke Heidenreich



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Michael Lemster

MICHAEL LEMSTER, who grew up near Frankfurt, has always been passionate about searching for clues – as a studied cultural scientist (in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg) and as a freelance publicist (for Die Zeit, NZZ and Bayerischer Rundfunk, among others). After a career in publishing, he has been working as a freelance consultant and publicist since 2009, based in Augsburg.