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224 Pages
Publication date: October 2023
Imprint: Benevento
Volker Viechtbauer

Dietrich Mateschitz: Wings for People and Ideas

Red Bull and Viktor Frankl's search for meaning

Creative Drive and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Wings for People and Ideas shows us how Viktor Frankl influenced Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. It combines the history and philosophy of entrepreneurship into a unique and inspiring unity.

From the outside, logotherapy and Red Bull seem to have little in common. Yet both worlds are based on the same principles: freedom, self-responsibility, and an unwavering creative drive. Volker Viechtbauer, long-time confidant of Dietrich Mateschitz, shows us how Frankl’s humanism aligns with the Red Bull founder’s philosophy of life. With this, he not only provides insight into the culture of Red Bull, but also highlights how Frankl laid the foundation for purpose- and talent-oriented entrepreneurship and a modern working world defined by self-responsibility.



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Volker Viechtbauer

Volker Viechtbauer was a close companion of Dietrich Mateschitz for many years. He is not only familiar with his biography but also with his fascination for the thinking and ideas of Viktor Frankl. Volker Viechtbauer himself is an avid reader of literature and non-fiction. He lives with his family near Salzburg.