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408 Pages
Publication date: February 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Markus Thiele

Echo of Silence

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A lawyer between law and morality. A pathologist who uncovers a crime that has been unatoned for decades. And a judicial scandal that threatens to tear the couple apart. How much truth can the love of two people tolerate when they find themselves on different sides of law and justice?

Hannes and Sophie have just become lovers when they realize that they will have to face each other as opponents in the court room. Sophie just published a new forensic report on an old court case that now again incriminates one of Hannes’ clients. During the course of the trial, their personal view on morality and righteousness is constantly challenged and in the end both of them have to decide between justice and law, between speaking out loud or remaining silent – and facing the consequences of their decision.

ECHO OF SILENCE is a suspenseful, profound and highly relevant novel that deals with one of the biggest judicial scandals in Germany, the death of Oury Jalloh.
Jalloh, an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, has died in 2005 in police custody. By using this case as a starting point for his novel, Markus Thiele confronts readers with the question: What are the costs of justice and what is justice after all?


»A gripping, entertaining and also reflective crime novel.«
Buchkultur Krimispecial

»Thrilling and interesting true crime novel in which Markus Thiele skilfully interweaves facts with fictional characters.«

»A book that captivates from the very beginning!
Also because it is a true story. Thiele leads you directly into the courtroom and you can feel the lawyer’s inner conflict. A justice novel linked to German history of the Nazi era, spiced with a romance.
CONCLUSION: A perfectly balanced reading entertainment.«

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Markus Thiele

Markus Thiele is an author and lawyer and knows the courtroom in all its facets. In his novel he skillfully interweaves fiction and reality using the example of a true criminal case that remains unsolved to this day.