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Publication date: July 2016
Imprint: Benevento
Shirin Ebadi Gudrun Harrer

That's Not What the Prophet Meant

An Appeal by Shirin Ebadi to the World

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Based on her personal experiences, lawyer, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi makes an appeal to the world.

She appeals to world rulers not to turn a blind eye. She appeals to the rulers of the Islamic world not to exploit their religion. She appeals to women and girls to find their own way in life, and not to be overawed by conventional notions on the role of women. She appeals to people everywhere to make social justice a reality. And to fight with books and words instead of weapons.

Co-authored by Middle East expert Gudrun Harrer, Ebadi tells the history of her home country Iran and describes the current political and ideological landscape in the Islamic world. She clearly demonstrates that there is only way to achieve peace and stability: talking about it with everyone who has a stake in it, and for as long and as often as necessary until everyone understands.


»If books had been thrown at the Taliban instead of bombs, we would not now be contending with Isis.«
Shirin Ebadi


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Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi was born in Hamadan, Iran in 1947 and is a lawyer and judge, as well as a campaigner for women’s and children’s rights. She is one of the founders of the Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran. In 2003 Ebadi was the first Iranian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She has lived in exile in London since 2009.