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224 Pages
Publication date: October 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Michael Opoczynski

Ghost Driver

The Second Case for The Society for Unconventional Measures


Mafia-style protection rackets that culminate in arson attacks put the fear of God into the citizens of Berlin. A tough case for The Society for Unconventional Measures—who solve it with their tried and tested methods: without bloodshed, once and for all. Michael Opoczynski has written another fun crime novel, gripping and entertaining at once.

Hundreds of Italian restaurants in Berlin are being blackmailed by the Mafia. They are forced to buy large quantities of bad wine and pay protection money for it. Those who refuse soon find their restaurant going up in flames. The justice system is powerless, the police is cluelessly groping in the dark—a new case for The Society of Unconventional Measures. Their aim: to enforce justice where the authorities have failed. And soon the Mafiosi find themselves faced with hard-hitting and entertaining acts of resistance. Following COMPENSATION, the unusual investigative team now appears on the scene once more. With their international network, their brilliant ideas, and a lot of charm they help bring justice to the victims and the perpetrators back on the right path.

»An exceptionally fun crime novel.«


Michael Opoczynski

Michael Opoczynski was the manager and presenter of the German TV show »WISO« for more than twenty years. He is the author of numerous non-fiction books and guidebooks