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184 Pages
Publication date: April 2024
Imprint: Benevento
Gisbert Knüphauser

20 Amazing Self-Experiments Between Esotericism And Conventional Medicine

Stone pine beds, boredom and other discoveries on the path to happiness and health

How to learn to have more money, how to gain control of your life in one minute 54 seconds and why it’s good to be energized by nature: Gisbert Knüphauser changes your life in 20 chapters.

For five years, Gisbert Knüphauser has been taking readers of the magazine carpe diem on a charming and self-deprecating journey of discovery into unexplored realms of health: he describes his amazing experiences with revitalized water, gets his stress under control, releases tension from his body and learns to love himself. This book brings together Gisbert Knüphauser’s columns for the first time as an invitation to wonder, self-awareness and humorous reading pleasure.


Gisbert Knüphauser

Gisbert Knüphauser is the alter ego of a Viennese agency owner. A chronic illness that pushed conventional medicine to its limits led him to explore alternative healing methods around a decade ago. He is now in his mid-50s, largely free of symptoms, but sees maintaining and strengthening his health as a lifelong process. Gisbert lives in the countryside and is the father of a teenage daughter.