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398 Pages
Publication date: February 2021
Imprint: Benevento
Thomas Kiehl

Homo Lupus

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A male society striving for absolute dominance, anti-democratic powers that influence impending elections, and an infamous Lebanese clan that plans an attack. In the midst of it all: behavioral biologist Lena Bondroit, who comes into the firing line of these obscure, scheming powers …
Lena is living in the countryside with her family and is fully focused on her new research project: observing a wolf pack. This alerts the intelligence service to her work. Drawing on her insight, they are hoping to glean new, unconventional strategies to infiltrate the Aziz clan and thwart the planned attack. What begins as an innocuous project for Lena becomes deadly serious: The clan is now targeting her. In addition, there seems to be a mole within the intelligence service. And what shady game is the new party »The Civic Center« led by Jan Berger, who has ambitions to run for Chancellor, playing? Can Lena be saved before the tinder box explodes?

»Kiehl stokes the fear of fear. Conspiracy theories can be a lot of fun like this!«
3sat Kulturzeit


Thomas Kiehl

Thomas Kiehl is an author and jurist. He lives in Cologne with his family. In his thrillers, he likes to use biological phenomena as a starting point for investigations as this gives him interesting and revealing insights into the human psyche and how we live together.