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240 Pages
Publication date: October 2017
Imprint: Benevento
Ulla Lohmann

I‘ll Do This Now!

My Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Ulla Lohmann is one of the few that have peeked over the edge of a volcano crater and seen the deadly lava with their own eyes. She is an exception. Not just because she is a scientist and not just because she is an adventurer. She is probably the only woman in the world to have accepted a marriage proposal inside the crater of a volcano.

But what drives a person to embark on such an adventure and to cope with the setbacks, to repeatedly find the courage to go on and to ignore or to refute the prejudice prevalent in the male-dominated world of science?

A story of female triumph with a special charm, a ten-year adventure and a very personal journey of self-discovery.


Watch Ulla Lohmann descend to the Benbow Volcano in the documentary Spitting Distance


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Ulla Lohmann

Ulla Lohmann, born in 1977, is a photojournalist and documentary film maker. She studied geography and journalism and has a degree in environmental
management and photojournalism.

She specializes in volcanoes and indigenous peoples and has worked with National Geographic, BBC, Red Bull TV and many more.