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320 Pages
Publication date: September 2021
Imprint: Benevento
Burkhard Benecken Hans Reinhardt

Inside Criminal Defense

Advocates of Evil

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Burkhard Benecken and Hans Reinhardt, two of Germany’s most famous criminal defense lawyers, give an insight into their day-to-day professional lives while negotiating the big questions of guilt and morality. A highly exciting work of non-fiction in the best true-crime style.

What is it like to stand on the side of and fight for alleged criminals on a daily basis? Through powerful case histories, the authors demonstrate the tools of criminal defense while discussing the questions everyone has asked themselves at least once in their lives: Does a multiple murderer deserve a fair trial? Is the alleged thug innocent if he is acquitted because of procedural errors? A fascinating look into the world of the advocates of evil.

»Always on the side of evil«
Die Welt about Burkhard Benecken

»In the book Inside Criminal Defense the lawyers give an exciting and honest insight into their everyday life.«

»Entertaining and informative at the same time, the two offer an insight into their work and also present various defense strategies.«

The two authors share how they deal with their clients, develop defense strategies, and how they reconcile it with their own morals to defend the guilty even in horrific cases.«
Öffentliche Sicherheit

»By the end of this stimulating, exciting, and occasionally humorous read, there is a better understanding of why prosecution and defense must be one in a state governed by the rule of law.«


Burkhard Benecken

BURKHARD BENECKEN, born in 1975, has been working as a criminal defense lawyer for 15 years and has represented the »who’s who« of the German clan scene, from clan boss Issa Rammo to members of the El-Zein, Miri, Omeirat and Mahmoud families. Publicly, he takes the position that the criminalization of entire families leads to a further intensification of the clan problem. As an expert, he is a frequent guest on TV and radio talk shows.

Hans Reinhardt

HANS REINHARDT is Burkhard Benecken’s main law partner. He has also handled a number of sensational cases, including the Satanist murder in Witten or the Panama Papers.