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200 Pages
Publication date: February 2023
Imprint: Benevento
Mark Benecke Dennis Sand

Cannibal. Hunting Frenzy

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  • German audiobook: Saga Egmont
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The second crime noir by the best-selling author

In his second crime novel, Mark Benecke takes his readers into the dark world of cannibalism, where unknown desires and fantasies push private investigators Becker and Funke to their limits.

A strange discovery turns up in the middle of Berlin: a suitcase filled with human bones. The authorities are faced with a mystery and call on private investigators Bastian Becker and Janina Funke. A suspicion soon materializes: could the bones be related to a case of cannibalism? The investigators follow the clues, which lead them into ever darker circles. Without realizing it, Becker himself becomes the focus of the perpetrator’s attention. Can he arrest him without endangering Funke? A murderous hunt begins.

»Benecke’s professional background, his scientific curiosity, his expertise in murderous people and what drives them to their deeds provide a strong foundation for crime fiction .«

»In his new crime novel, criminal biologist Mark Benecke combines expert knowledge with the right amount of tension. Readers can’t but guess as they go. (…) A gripping crime novel that you’re guaranteed to remember, not least because of its uneasy atmosphere.«
Raiffeisen Zeitung


Mark Benecke

Mark Benecke, born in 1970, is a criminal biologist and invertebrate scientist who works on forensic medicine and the biology of death. Among other things, he has been an expert witness on insects in well-known criminal cases and a scientific consultant for television stations. His books regularly take it the bestseller lists by storm.