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192 Pages
Publication date: March 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Woid Woife

My Life In The Forest

Today, there is hardly anyone who knows him by his real name, they call him Woid Woife instead. To many people, he is an ideal, because he lives in harmony with nature and the forest is his home. It is a place governed by different values than the ones controlling our fast-paced everyday life. A construction trailer hidden deep inside the forest provides him with shelter and serves as a nursing station for injured forest dwellers as the animals trust and communicate with him. In his book, Woid Woife not only tells the story of how he found his way to nature. More than that, he makes clear why we should be more mindful towards nature and why it can be worthwhile to leave familiar paths.

»I would like to take you along to my plants and animals, take your hand (Careful! Mine is rough like a spruce needle. The fir needle, on the other hand, is as smooth as a woman’s hand.) Maybe you’re going to venture into nature differently afterwards and feel them too, those two large, invisible hands. The best outcome would be for you to learn to love the forest like I do. Because one thing is certain: We take care of what we love and we don’t destroy it.«
Strongman turned forest dweller who understands the animals—in My Life in the Forest, Woid Woife tells his extraordinary story that took him from the limelight into the quiet of the forest. It’s the simple life, the small things he values when he sits in front of his construction trailer and waits for his winged friends to visit him or for the squirrel to pop in. Where people derided him as an oddball before, he now has the power to excite numerous people for nature, the forest, and its inhabitants, and to encourage them to protect this important habitat.


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Woid Woife

At 19 years of age, Wolfgang Schreil becomes the German Champion in Stone Lifting, soon thereafter he belongs among the strongest men in the world. When he is 24, however, he ends his competitive career suddenly, he is drawn away from the limelight and into the quiet of the forest. The heavily muscled strongman becomes Woid Woife, who represents a harmonious and respectful coexistence in which nature receives respect and consideration with every fiber of his being. In his home of Bodenmais in the Bavarian Forest, he champions the protection of the forest and its inhabitants and lets others partake in his appreciation for nature on adventure hikes.