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Publication date: October 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Gerhart Baum

Human Rights

An Appeal

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Human Rights are Non-Negotiable

Syria, Russia, China, Qatar—in many places around the world the human rights situation is devastating. In this passionate appeal, Gerhart Baum identifies the hot spots and shows why a commitment to human rights is more vital now than ever.

Gerhart Baum has spent his life campaigning for human rights. In South Africa, for the UN in Sudan, and in close cooperation with persecuted people in Belarus and Russia. In this book, he connects his personal experience with the global political situation and provides urgent food for thought for politicians: How do we deal with authoritarian states? What political consequences must we draw? And what can each individual do?

»The challenge put to the free world by Putin‘s dictatorship, which uncompromisingly relies on the ›law of the strongest‹, must be confronted with the ›rule of law‹, with human rights. It is about defending our order of peace and freedom—that is what this appeal stands for!«


A German SPIEGEL Bestseller!


»A highly topical book in the light of the current political situation.«



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Gerhart Baum

Gerhart Baum, born in 1932, was the Federal Minister of the Interior from 1978 to 1982. He has been one of the most prominent defenders of the rule of law for decades and is considered an elder statesman. In 2021, he was awarded the Marion Dönhoff Prize for his commitment to international rapprochement and peace.