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288 Pages
Publication date: April 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Maximilian Reich

Reluctant Traveler On Board

A Couch Potato Flies Around the World

Adventures? No, thank you. Vacations abroad? Anything but that. Daniel Klopfbichler likes to stay in his comfort zone, which isn’t much bigger than a ball pit at Ikea. But there’s a problem: There’s not enough money to make rent. Out of sheer necessity, he accepts a magazine’s offer to write a travel column. With subtle humor and a lot of his own travel experiences, Maximilian Reich tells the story of a very reluctant traveler who ends up turnsíng into an adventurer against all expectations.

Exotic foods, where you don’t know what’s in it and what it tastes like! And why should you squeeze yourself into an airplane seat for 14 hours just to get sunburnt? In that case, it’d be better to stay at home. God lives in France? He only has Himself to blame. In a witty style and with the necessary portion of self-irony, Daniel Klopfbichler lets the reader partake in his misery as he is almost married off in Brazil, impaled on the horns of wild bulls in Pamplona, and has to stand up to kung fu fighters in Thailand. A vacation nightmare. Until he meets a young photographer who accompanies him on his travels and who is the exact opposite of him: wild, happy to try new things, adventurous …


Maximilian Reich

Maximilian Reich is 33 and maybe he should have listened to the people at the job center after all and become an obstetrician. That way, he would be able to stay in his native Bavaria all year round. But instead, he decided on a traineeship in publishing and by now he has spent ten years working for newspapers and online media that keep sending him on trips – unfortunately.