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208 Pages
Publication date: August 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Michael Opoczynski


Why our jobs are in danger

From digitization to the corona crisis – former TV-host Michael Opoczynski uses highly topical examples to describe how our everyday jobs are breaking away and how radically our working world will change in the coming years. A book that wakes you up and offers solutions.

»With this book, I want the reader to get rid of the idea that somehow everything will turn out to be okay. There will no longer be a somehow. But if you stop giving in to illusions and keep a clear head, you will create room for new ideas and new plans. So my advice to you is: Don’t fool yourself.«

»The author also shows how a successful and social expansion is and can be achieved – assuming our governments set the course wisely and, above all, quickly. And most importantly, as long as NO ONE buries their head in the sand anymore.«
kompetenznetz mittelstand


Michael Opoczynski

Michael Opoczynski was the manager and presenter of the German TV show »WISO« for more than twenty years. He is the author of numerous non-fiction books and guidebooks