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288 Pages
Publication date: August 2018
Imprint: Benevento
Michael Opoczynski


The First Case for the Society for Unconventional Measures

A new, unique investigative team appears on the scene: the Society for Unconventional Measures. Ordinary women and men with ordinary lives. Their area of operation: cases in which the police are powerless. Their goal: uncovering injustices, capturing the perpetrators, and humiliating them publicly. Their first case: a private bank that has been cheating ordinary people for many years. A modern Robin-Hood-tale, told with a great sense of humor by Michael Opoczynski, who dedicated himself to the rights of the »little guys« for years as the presenter of the German TV show »WISO«.

For years, the management of a privatized national bank has been robbing its customers. Using every trick in the book, juristically unassailable, without any chance to prosecute them. Thousands of people were harmed. Ordinary people who had been promised a safe investment with a high interest rate and who have now lost all their money. They are enraged, filled with thoughts of revenge – and at the same time they are completely helpless. The former exec, on the other hand, is lounging in his luxury apartment enjoying his wealth when the doorbell rings. What he doesn’t know: the people standing behind the door are his kidnappers, come to make him accountable. With the first case for the Society for Unconventional Measures, Michael Opoczynski has not only written an exceptional crime novel in the manner of the tale of Robin Hood. He has also created a unique team of investigators that stands out from the crowd of renowned detectives and policemen: a cheeky, quick-witted group committed to helping powerless victims and to bringing justice.


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Michael Opoczynski

Michael Opoczynski was the manager and presenter of the German TV show »WISO« for more than twenty years. He is the author of numerous non-fiction books and guidebooks