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240 Pages
Publication date: January 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Mark Benecke Dennis Sand

Viral. Bloodlust

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In his novel, bestselling author and criminal biologist Mark Benecke takes us into an unknown, dark part of our society, where crime and conspiracy theories form an ominous bond.

A series of murders shocks Frankfurt am Main. More and more bodies of young women are found, from whom large amounts of blood have been drawn with surgical precision. The police are faced with a mystery. But the longer it takes them to investigate, the faster conspiracy theories spread on the web – slowly becoming a real threat of their own.

VIRAL is a gripping modern Sherlock Holmes story that also shows the dangers lurking in our interconnected world.

A German SPIEGEL Bestseller!

»A thrilling book about illusion and reality«



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Mark Benecke

Mark Benecke, born in 1970, is a criminal biologist and invertebrate scientist who works on forensic medicine and the biology of death. Among other things, he has been an expert witness on insects in well-known criminal cases and a scientific consultant for television stations. His books regularly take it the bestseller lists by storm.