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224 Pages
Publication date: September 2020
Imprint: Benevento
Eleonore Büning

Why Does the Orchestra Conductor Go to the Hairdresser so Often?

Eleonore Büning on the big and small questions of music

Why is the ukulele called the ukulele? Why are there pauses in music? What does the high C have that the high D doesn’t? And why did Mozart write so many works in C major?
Whether the questions are about the right moment of clapping or the melancholy of the waltz, her texts are always profound, entertaining and to the point.
Her new book isnot only a pleasure to read, but Eleonore Büning also provides a charming and knowledgeable approach to classical and pop music, for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

»[She] is the great Büning because she is still a real old-school critic with an own opinion, an own language and a lot of rich, Reich-Ranicki-esque self-confidence […]«
Maxime Biller in ZEIT MAGAZINE

»True reading pleasure«
Freilassinger Anzeiger

»A book with a considerable fun factor.«

»Mrs. Brüning’s writing is sophisticated, clear, catchy and well readable«
Neuer Merkur

»Every music lover should have this journey through the world of music on his bookshelf.«
Zur Zeit

»It reads so easily and yet it is wonderfully enigmatic, amusing, at times acted out, gruffly, also argumentatively sparkling and always full of knowledge that is casually passed on to you. […] Outstanding«
Münchner Merkur

»An amusing collection for every music fan.«
magazin KLASSIK


Eleonore Büning

Eleonore Büning, born in 1952, is the editor of the arts section in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung and presents TV shows on music for the WDR. Since 2011, she is the president of the »Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik « (German Record Critics‘ Award).