Erscheinungstermin: 20.07.2023

Fighting for Our Most Valuable Asset

With fascinating photographs and a lively design, this book portrays 12 extraordinary individuals all over the world who are working hard to protect our water and at the same time tells us all about our most important asset.

From glaciers over rivers, lakes and wetlands down to the oceans and the deep sea - the habitat of water is threatened everywhere in the world. »Wasserwelten« introduces 12 people who are passionately fighting for the preservation of natural water cycles and make a sustainable global impact with their local projects. An inspiring, truly exciting book full of informative texts and beautiful photographs that in a unique way brings us closer to the world of water.


ISBN-13 9783710901898
300 Seiten / 255 mm x 300 mm
Österreich: 78.00 EUR
Deutschland: 78.00 EUR
Schweiz: 101.00 CHF *
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