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244 Pages
Publication date: August 2017
Imprint: Benevento
Mirco von Juterczenka

Us Weekend Rebels

An Exceptional Boy and His Father on a Groundhopping Tour Across Europe

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Jason, born in 2005, has Asperger’s. Ever since he was six years old, he has been on the road in Germany and the neighboring countries with his father Mirco. Initially, it was only about finding a favorite soccer club for the boy. But then, the groundhopping tour gains a deeper meaning. This book is a humorous and at the same time informative testimony to a very special father-son-relationship.

Since 2011, the author has been travelling with his autistic son Jason from stadium to stadium and reflects about their shared experiences in his blog »Der Wochenendrebell – Groundhopping mit Asperger« (»The Weekend Rebel – Groundhopping with Asperger’s«). What was originally meant to serve as an archive of experiences and memory aid for his son, quickly developed into a lifetime project: The numerous embarrassing, humiliating, funny, educational, disillusioning, distressing and thought-provoking experiences and realizations found an unforeseen and ever growing fanbase.

Jason has not yet found his favourite club. Maybe he’ll never be able to decide. But ultimately, father and son find everything they never searched for, but what they definitely needed, on their journey.


»Like all truly good books on soccer, this is one too isn’t merely about soccer. The game is actually just a supporting actor here. The heroes are father and son and a story that tells of the parents’ love for their child, breathtaking in its unwillingness to compromise, and of the power it unleashes.«

»The two Groundhoppers have described their fantastic experiences in a rich book.«

»A very special journey through the stadiums of Europe.«
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Mirco von Juterczenka

Mirco von Juterczenka, born in 1977, has been working as a manager in the food service industry for 15 years. His groundhopping project, which he writes about in his blog »Der Wochenendrebell – Groundhopping mit Asperger«, was started in 2011.