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344 Pages
Publication date: February 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Eleonore Büning

Wolfgang Rihm

Über die Linie. The Biography

Homage to a free spirit

Wolfgang Rihm is one of the great German composers. To mark his 70th birthday, Eleonore Büning describes the life and work of this phenomenal musician—a biography shaped by her expertise on music and her friendship with the composer.
Wolfgang Rihm has composed more pieces than Mozart by now. The diversity and sensual power of his music is based on an emphatic commitment to the freedom of art. His oeuvre is omnipresent in all European concert halls and the world’s opera houses. He has shaped the way we presently think about music like no other, not just with his compositions but also through his writings, in sound and action. Eleonore Büning’s Crossing the Line is the first book to shed light on Rihm’s life and work. A portrait that immerses the reader in the sound of new music.

»Elenore Büning is a true old-school critic with her own opinions and her very own style.«
Maxim Biller, DIE ZEIT

»A biography characterized by her [the author’s] knowledge of music and friendship with the person portrayed«

»Wolfgang Rihm is an exceptional phenomenon«

»Apart from his partner, no woman knows him as well as Eleonore Büning.«
Münchner Merkur

»Through her extensive knowledge of music and long-standing friendship with the portrayed, she succeeds in creating a depiction of the composer that is as well-founded as it is personal.«
Western News

»Both Büning and Rihm, are not only friends, their creativity follows the same pattern. That is why this book is so worth reading.«
Die Tagespost


Eleonore Büning

Eleonore Büning, born in 1952, is the editor of the arts section in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung and presents TV shows on music for the WDR. Since 2011, she is the president of the »Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik « (German Record Critics‘ Award).