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240 Pages
Publication date: March 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Eva Ries Annette Utermark

Wu-Tang is Forever

In the inner circle of the greatest hip-hop band in the world

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Gangsta rap, countless excesses and a secret FBI file—German music manager Eva Ries worked with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan for over two decades and now she tells her story: personal, unvarnished, extremely fascinating.
Eva Ries is in her mid-20s when she is presented with the opportunity to work with the Wu-Tang Clan—a white woman and nine gangster rappers with criminal records from the New York ghetto. With her honesty, she gradually wins the band’s respect and trust. The things she experiences in her time working with the Clan reads like a detective story: drugs, police operations, even a kidnapping. Now Eva Ries tells her story with the cult band for the first time—the portrait of a courageous woman who asserts herself in the male-dominated music business.

»Hip-hop is always cultural and social history as well and rarely as it been written as brilliantly as in this book,« writes Joachim Hentschel.

»The woman behind the cult band«
Cosmopolitan Deutschland

»It is quite a fantastic, probably unique story«

»The magnificent volume is in fact, from our point of view, the highlight of the season.«

»In her book, the successful businesswoman gives insight into an unforgettable chapter of her biography – personal, unembellished and highly exciting.«

»It’s really delightful to read what can happen when such a gang falls all over the music business«


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Eva Ries

Eva Ries is the managing director of RZA Productions Europe as well as a counselor and university lecturer in psychology. Previously, she worked in the marketing departments of large music companies for many years, including the legendary hip-hop label Loud Records in New York. After more than 25 years in the USA, she has returned to Germany and currently lives in Mannheim with her family.