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240 Pages
Publication date: March 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Eva Ries Annette Utermark

Wu-Tang is Forever

In the inner circle of the greatest hip-hop band in the world

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The Wu-Tang Clan is probably the greatest and most important group in the history of hip-hop.

Not only has their music influenced entire generations of fans and many artists in the US since the early 90s, but also paved the road for the rise of hip-hop culture throughout the world.

Quite rightly, much has already been written about the history of the Wu-Tang Clan, with countless incredible rumors surrounding the individual members. But only few people know that a young German woman played a significant role in the meteoric worldwide rise of the Clan.

WU-TANG IS FOREVER tells the story of Eva Ries, who was made international marketing manager of the Wu-Tang Clan shortly after the release of their legendary first album entitled “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”. For Eva, who had previously worked only with rock and heavy metal bands, this was a step into the unknown and in a very short time, she immersed herself in a radical new world.

How does a young, white woman gain the trust and the respect of nine gangster rappers who have never submitted to any authority in their lives? In her book, Eva Ries tells us, how she befriended the artists who escaped poverty, crime and violence and managed to become a crucial part of the bands inner circle. With impressive honesty and humor she tells fascinating anecdotes detailing how she accompanied the Wu Tang Clan for twenty years on their journey to becoming true legends.

The story of the Wu-Tang Clan cannot be told without Eva Ries and thus her book is an important part of music history. It’s an authentic and entertaining account and a must-have, not just for die-hard hip-hop heads, but for anyone interested in the music industry and cultural history.

»Ries’ book […] is probably one of the best books about the Clan published to date. Ries places her work in a series of books that have been written from the perspective of the music industry and that succeed in providing a very unique, particularly unconventional view of the artists.«
Die Welt

»This story is simply too good and too absurd not to be written down. It’s a good thing that Eva Ries did.«

»In the 1990s, the New York-based Wu-Tang Clan became world famous with hard rap—thanks in part to their German music manager Eva Ries.«

»Ries certainly succeeds in illuminating the cosmos of this band in all its facets and in providing both outsiders and adepts with an equally enlightening reading pleasure.«

»WU-TANG IS FOREVER shines with honest texts and powerful photography.«

»With her biography, she tells a piece of music history—personal, unvarnished and highly exciting.«

»In our eyes, this gorgeous book is the highlight of the season.«

»It is truly delightful to read what can happen when a gang like this one descends onto the music business.«
BR Zündfunk

»With her biography she tells a piece of music history.«

»Every single page of the book is very entertaining, irritating and sheer unbelievable.«
Stadtblatt Osnabrück



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Eva Ries

Eva Ries is the managing director of RZA Productions Europe as well as a counselor and university lecturer in psychology. Previously, she worked in the marketing departments of large music companies for many years, including the legendary hip-hop label Loud Records in New York. After more than 25 years in the USA, she has returned to Germany and currently lives in Mannheim with her family.