Benevento Publishing is a brand of Red Bull Media House and home to six unique book imprints: Benevento, Ecowin, Servus, Terra Mater, Bergwelten and Pantauro.
However diverse, our imprints do have one thing in common: Benevento Publishing Airs Your Mind!



To view the history of humankind as a lesson learned from stories. To walk out on the streets, hear something touching, recognize the extraordinary. To look where no one’s looking and to hear what’s never been heard. Tales of heroism, infinite courage, the victory of a spirit, inventive minds and exploration of the unknown, of change, transformation and outgrowing yourself. Stories that bring rulers to shiver and grown men to tears. To record the quiet tones, defend the truth, give a voice to the unarmed. To understand cultures and encourage people. To change the world, one story at a time.
Benevento is all that and more – a breath of fresh air for those who love stories.


ecoWing was originally founded under the name of Ecowin as an independent publishing house in 2003 and became part of Red Bull Media House in 2013. We focus on fascinating authors that contribute their insight and knowledge about the most compelling topics of our time. The broad variety of opinions and an open discourse between authors are way more important to us than representing only one point of view.


To us, home is not a place – it’s an emotion. Servus is dedicated to a contemporary understanding of the term “home”. We are most passionate about the Alpine region with its amazing landscapes, unique people and diverse traditions. Our goal is to not just present our beautiful home, we also want to preserve and spread all the ancient, almost forgotten knowledge that can be found in the Alps.


Our world is a rich source of stories – stories dealing with the fascinating diversity of the animal kingdom, stories contributing to a scientific discussion on natural phenomena, stories emphasizing the spectacular fauna of our planet Earth, stories questioning technologies, which may influence our future. TERRA MATER BOOKS offers an insight into this world, our world. Our authors are travelers, scientists and adventurers who explore life in all its facets. They inspire, portray the beauty of our world and present portraits of exceptional personalities: A writer exploring the fauna of the Himalayan range, a marine biologist telling amusing stories about the ocean, an outstanding photographer capturing life under and above waters in the farthest corners of the world.
TERRA MATER BOOKS publishes books on the discovery of new, extraordinary aspects and places of our world. TERRA MATER BOOKS excites your curiosity.


Experiencing alpine worlds: Seasoned mountaineers and writers tell exciting and meticulously researched stories: from the development of traditional mountaineering up to modern trend sports. Exceptional people let us take part in significant alpine successes and tragedies. Opulently illustrated books showcase the magnificent beauty and breathtaking fascination of mountains.


Books beyond the ordinary. Pantauro publishes books that show the lifestyle Red Bull represents in all its incredible forms: From Jos Pirkner’s architectural work of art that is the new company headquarters in Fuschl, to adventurous athletes such as extreme climbers Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma. From cultural phenomena like Red Bull Paperwings, to the exceptional culinary experience that Ikarus in Hangar-7 provides. Most of our books are multilingual and we focus on the highest quality standard, both in content and design.