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Publication date: January 2016
Imprint: Servus
Erwin Thoma Elisabeth Thoma

The Secret Language of Trees

Deciphering the Miracle of the Forest

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They are simply there; they accompany us and live with us: trees – in parks and gardens, in the forest and at the side of the road. Nature has no end of time to develop the best solutions. In the end, the method that has mastered all of the challenges it encounters is the one that is used. Trees and the ancient knowledge of Mother Nature offer answers to many of the questions of our time. The goal is finding out the ways that nature has discovered.

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES enables us all to learn the language of trees. It could be the most beautiful and valuable language we have ever learned and opens up a new refreshing source of inspiration for one’s own life. To read a tree’s diary, to understand its language, opens up a new refreshing source of inspiration for one’s own life.


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Erwin Thoma

Erwin Thoma, born in 1962, became a mountain guide and later a forester driven by his love for nature. Nowadays, he and his company Holz100 are specialized in building houses that are made out of wood, energy-self-sufficient and dispense with technology and insulating materials. In his books he takes his readers along into a world that unfortunately has become unfamiliar to many of them.