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224 Pages
Publication date: July 2019
Imprint: Benevento
Erwin Thoma

Nature's Strategies

How the Wisdom of Trees Invigorates our Life

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In NATURE’S STRATEGIES, Erwin Thoma describes the immeasurable cosmos of trees: their evolution, their strategies for survival, their bonds with us humans. In his typical entertaining style and with great expert knowledge he explains what we can learn from trees and why their time has finally arrived, now more than ever.

Cooperation, moderate growth, networking and ecological thinking–if we want to stop climate change and reverse the destruction of nature, we cannot avoid using these and many other survival strategies the trees have developed over centuries. Erwin Thoma portrays their evolution vividly and extensively and shows how trees struggle from a small seed into the sky, how they enter into relationships with other forest dwellers, and how new life grows out of their demise.

NATURE’S STRATEGIES is an unusual book n trees and a passionate appeal to start building a better tomorrow.

»A book full of fascinating stories and myths, compelling details and correlations.«

»Erwin Thoma describes almost tenderly this collaboration in his book Strategien of nature. “The language of the trees is perhaps the most beautiful and valuable we can learn.”«
Terra Mater Magazin

»Hands-on contractor, down-to-earth nature guy, experienced practitioner.«
DIE ZEIT on Erwin Thoma

»Erwin Thomas’ very stimulating book “Strategies of Nature”«
Passauer Neue Presse

»an extraordinary book on trees full of fascinating stories and myths, exciting biological details and scientific connections.«
Jagd in Tirol



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Erwin Thoma

Erwin Thoma, born in 1962, has founded a company that specializes in building wooden houses that are self-sufficient in energy and managed entirely without technology and insulating materials. In his books, including NATURE’S STRATEGIES and THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES, he takes us into a world that has become alien to many but that can hold a key to build a sustainable new world. Erwin Thoma lives with his family in Goldegg, Austria.