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408 Pages
Publication date: June 2022
Imprint: Benevento
Hans Leister

The Submarine

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When your prison becomes your salvation

Leah, a soldier in the Israeli Navy, is on patrol in a submarine when suddenly all of the vessel’s instruments malfunction. Soon it becomes clear that a catastrophe beyond all imagination has occurred on the outside.
A violent noise underwater startles the submarine crew. Soon they realize that a devastating event of biblical proportions has taken place on Earth. Above water, everything is destroyed; ports cannot be approached. While trapped in the submarine, Leah realizes she is pregnant and faces immense regret for not staying with her husband. But no one on land seems to have survived. Hans Leister’s technically excellently researched thriller takes the reader on a claustrophobic odyssey in which nothing more and nothing less than the survival of mankind is at stake.

»It has been a long time since a debut novel has taken my breath away like this one. A noteworthy author.«
Christian von Zittwitz, BuchMarkt, on The Tunnel



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Hans Leister

Hans Leister, born in 1952, studied industrial engineering. He was part of the management of various railroad companies for many years. Since 2014, he has been working as a consultant. To research his books, he always travels to the original locations. His works are characterized by detailed descriptions of the technology involved, which are cleverly integrated into the storylines. When writing Der Tunnel, he visited the Gotthard Tunnel and for Das U-Boot he travelled to Israel. He also went for a dive in a submarine as part of his research. Hans Leister lives on the outskirts of Berlin.